Community Integration - education on and for migration - Shared screen with speaker view
Rosie Germain
Thank you very much Carly and Jill for sharing your insights and experiences about your work - my apologies for having to leave early due to an evening teaching commitment
Babs Anderson
Thank you Carly and Jill, I need to go now as I’m teaching a masters session this evening. Lovely to hear of your work!
David Lundie
Thank you Jill and Carly, this has been fascinating, and such amazing work. I have to get going, but hope to catch up again soon.
David Williams
Carly/Jill Thank you for a fabulous presentation of your work. Lots of scope for development for us all. Unfortunately have another commitment now. Best wishes and thanks again.
Christopher Keelan
I only knew because I went to Kuumba Imani!